5 Tips for Shopping Sustainably Around the World

If you’ve a travel bug in your feet and can’t live without shopping then you’re in for a treat. As in this post we’re going to discuss the top 5 tips for sustainable shopping around the world. It’s nothing less than that of a best of both worlds. Travel around the world and shop sensibly what else could you ask for. No wonder, it is one of the easiest ways to travel more reliably is to shop more correctly.

It works even better if you’re planning for a Grantourismo, an experiment in slow travel, local travel, experimental travel and giving back at the same time.

When we’re out every single penny counts, here’s why where to spend and how much to spend should be our prime concern. The best way to travel is to eat like locals and live like locals that is the only and the surest way to spend less and experience more.

To understand the real culture, art, craft, music and design of the place it takes a lot more than just merely roaming around the famous tourist spot. Every place you explore while travelling, try and indulge in the local culture and that’s where we create real moments and memories.

Let’s come back to real thing, how to spend sensibly across the world.

  • Go Organic & Eco-Friendly
  • Buy Local and Buy Direct
  • Keep Traditions Alive
  • Buy Ethically
  • Support Fair Trade
  • Choose Vintage Over New

Go organic & Eco friendly

After accommodation food is what breaks the bank and especially when you’re traveling for longer periods. Here’s why our tip for you is going organic and eat eco-friendly food which is good for the environment and for your pocket as well.

Buy Local and Buy Direct

Shop from local markets be it eateries or other stuff, there’s world of difference in the prices they charge in tourist spots and local markets. Always go local shopping you can even buy food from local store rather than spending extra dollars in the food. Like I said, every penny counts when you’re out.

By that we mean, rather than going for an expensive coffee brand enjoy a local roadside café which is lot cheaper and full of fun.

Keep Traditions Alive

It’s always a good idea to travel and see the local places and enjoy their festivals. You need not buy a ticket to enjoy what is open for all to enjoy and real culture of the place by investing less and gaining more in terms of experience and pleasure.

Buy Ethically

No need to buy from an expensive store out in the city always goes local and looks for other stuff.  Never run after stuff you barely need, always invest into something of value and substance.

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