Top Aspects to Consider Whilst Purchasing an Air Purifier

The indoor air quality is frequently a lot polluted in comparison to the air outdoors. As we tend to spend a majority of our time inside our house, the exposure to the poor air quality indoors puts us at a lot of risk for plenty of illnesses, counting asthma, allergies, and respiratory problems. Making use of an air purifier is going to assist in creating a healthier, cleaner air inside your office or home, so you might be able to avert the air-quality associated health disorders. Whenever you visit the market to purchase an air purifier, you need to ruminate over the below-discussed questions to assist in finding the appropriate air purifier for your requirements.

What is the Air Purifier Size You Require Choosing for your Space?

To select the appropriate air purifier size for your requirements, check the area of the room in which you want to install the air purifier. You may measure the area in terms of square footage. After you get the area, select an air purifier that delivers the suggested square foot handling area that equals the square footage of your room.

In case you are diagnosed to asthma or have allergies and are searching for an air purifier to assist in managing the symptoms, you must reflect on the air purifier’s ACH or the Air Change per Hour rate. The ACH rate is the frequency with which an air purifier filters the overall volume of air inside the handling space every single hour. The air purifiers that might be able to purify or disinfect the air inside a space no less than 4X per hour are the best units for the people suffering from asthma or allergies.

What is the Necessary Set of Features Required in an Air Purifier?

After selecting the size and type of air purifier you require, you should think about whether or not you would like to have any special features. Additional features may comprise handles and caster wheels for easier mobility, remote controls, digital controls, numerous fan speeds, programmable timers, filter change indicators, air quality sensors, and various others. Such type of features helps in adding further convenience to the task and provides you with superior control on the performance of the air purifier.

Where Should I Get the Air Purifier Installed?

In a majority of situations, we would suggest that you position the air purifier inside the bedroom as that is the place where you tend to spend a majority of your time. Remember that the portable air purifiers are intended predominantly to purify the air inside a single room, so you might require investing on the supplementary units for the rooms apart from where one is installed. On the other hand, you might as well select a unit that comes equipped with handles, caster wheels, and other convenient features to effortless transportation from one place to the other.

How Often Do I Need to Get my Air Purifier Serviced?

In case you have an air purifier that has been equipped with an air filter, you must substitute the filters at the company’s suggested filter change intervals to uphold the component’s high-class pollutant elimination. Relying on the number of filters your air purifier comes with, you may require changing them at distinct occasions. For an instance, the HEPA air purifier might last for nearly a year whilst the activated carbon filter might solely last for a period of 6 months. If there is a pre-filter as well, it might last for about 3 months at max. Whilst you are purchasing an air purifier, make sure that you take care of the maintenance charges in addition to the rate of imminent filter replacements. The usual filter life of every single built-in filter is customarily recorded in the product specifications section.


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